Zero Hour

Creation of our universe

According to the deepest interpretation of the Bible, God commanded the universe to fill a void he created for that purpose. Life was able to be sustained without being nullified in his all encompassing presence. But the sages of old knew that the vacuum was only  a reality for the created beings to allow a less intense atmosphere to thrive in. God still maintained absolute control of every single spec of existence.

According to ancient sources God ruled alone over an empty universe before the act of creation, which was for the benefit of those entities also created from the dawn of time. Angels are said to have been the first beings brought into existence. There than followed animal life, before man was ultimately brought onto the world stage.

The universe is said to have began from a minute spec of dust - as a single atom that expanded, split, and then merged with other atoms to create a natural system that would lead mankind to have to seek the supreme creator, hiding as it were behind the natural process of creation. For the purpose of the trail, the first place of importance is the Foundation Stone - of our planet.

CLUE 1: We will later arrive at the building of the Ark of the Covenant. A crucial question is what was the more important element - the Ark, which can be likened to a box, or the contents of the Ark, which was said to have been the Holy Bible? Our first clue sets up our search to enable us to know what it is we are trying to find.