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    Trail of the Ark is heading into unchartered territory in search of solving the disappearance of the Ark of the Covenant, with the aide of known stepping stones to point us in the right direction.

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    Expedition LostArk 2020 enhances the Trail of the Ark’s chance of success by using qualified research methods investigating both biblical and scientific sources in the coming venture. To date much exclusive information has been gathered. Participation in this undertaking is open to all at various levels of involvement.

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    Global Archaeology

    Digging Caesar’s Forum

    Fresh traces of urban life spanning almost three millennia are coming to light in central Rome. New Danish-Italian excavations have uncovered far more than Caesar’s monumental forum project. Delving through archaeological layers, while travelling back in time from Mussolini’s 1930s constructions, Jan Kindberg Jacobsen, Eva Mortensen, Claudio Parisi Presicce, and Rubina Raja disentangle the complex urban stratigraphy of the Eternal City. The post Digging Caesar’s Forum appeared first on World Archaeology. [...]

    CWA 113 – now on sale

    Caesar’s Forum was a bold concept. Constructed next to the Roman Forum – the beating heart of public life – Julius Caesar’s monumental new complex staked his claim as sole ruler of the Empire. It proved an expensive statement. The plot earmarked for this project was occupied by elite housing, ensuring the land came at an eye-watering price. Both residences and forum, though, are only parts of a much longer history of activity on the site. Now, our cover feature reveals how excavations are providing a glimpse of daily life over thousands of years in central Rome. Work at Çeşme… [...]

    Travel: Explore Istanbul’s Historic Sites

    Türkiye’s largest city, Istanbul, is located in the north-west of the country, lying across the shores of two seas, divided down the middle by the Bosphorus Strait. The only city in the world to be built over two continents, Istanbul has acted as a bridge between Asia and Europe, and as a sea bridge between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean throughout its history. The post Travel: Explore Istanbul’s Historic Sites appeared first on World Archaeology. [...]