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    Trail of the Ark is heading into unchartered territory in search of solving the disappearance of the Ark of the Covenant, with the aide of known stepping stones to point us in the right direction.

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    Expedition LostArk 2020 enhances the Trail of the Ark’s chance of success by using qualified research methods investigating both biblical and scientific sources in the coming venture. To date much exclusive information has been gathered. Participation in this undertaking is open to all at various levels of involvement.

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    Global Archaeology

    The Antikythera Mechanism

    A seemingly unassuming lump of corroded bronze has confounded investigators for more than a century, ever since it proved to contain precision gearwheels that simply should not have existed in the ancient Greek world. A new study, using cutting-edge techniques, has now revealed what this machine could do, and how it did it, as Tony Freeth explains. The post The Antikythera Mechanism appeared first on World Archaeology. [...]

    CWA 108 – now on sale

    Encounters with advanced technologies from ancient civilisations are usually the stuff of adventure fiction rather than archaeological research. When the chance discovery in 1900 of a shipwreck loaded with Greek treasures brought a real-life example of the genre, the technology in question was initially viewed as a nondescript lump of metal. But then that lump split apart to reveal gears that simply should not have existed in ancient Greece. Painstaking work has now revealed the internal workings of a mechanical computer, constructed with a level of sophistication that is startling to behold. Recent work at Valkenburg, in the Netherlands, has… [...]


    It is winter. The kitchen is humming with activity, as sheep’s wool is prepared for textile production and fires are kept up. The sheep have already been sheared with large iron scissors, and now the wool is being combed, while the fibres are softened and dyed. The household is busy. One member gets out a large iron ladle to stir either the soaked fibres or the coals in the fire. Another inhabitant heads upstairs to find the wooden spindles and the matching clay and rock-crystal whorls, so that they are ready for spinning the fibres. The post Jerash appeared first… [...]