True Adventure Arrives

Trail of the Ark brings an archaeological expedition into a new dynamic era. Just as museums of a bygone age had to make way for multi-media presentations to survive, this enterprising project paves the way forward towards an attractive future.   

“Trail of the Ark delivers what it promises. It offers an action – packed educational adventure, which is a pleasure to experience.” 

How could one even begin to describe its genre? It provides a unique combination of exciting dramatic episodes focused on a fictional hero, and a serious quest to find missing Temple artefacts on the other hand. Yet, both trails seamlessly merge to offer a singular mission to explore one of the greatest mysteries of all time – the disappearance of the Ark of the Covenant. But wait, isn’t that a blend of fact and fiction, serving to drive a real time expedition forward? Well, sort of. You see the point is that undertaking such a serious academically oriented quest, needs its lighter moments. And that is precisely what Trail of the Ark delivers us, in no small dose.    

Into the Unknown

Once it is realised that the producers of this project actually have sound ideas where the trail is heading, it could be a matter of going along for the ride. But no, that is not the trail’s main objective. It can be likened to a navigator on a voyage of discovery who has the benefit of ancient charts to help plot a course for a legendary mass of land. But it requires team work to eventually reach one’s desired destination. And that is precisely the direction where the trail is leading us. We are going willingly into the unknown, but with the confidence that the explorers on this journey are in good hands with a competent hand at the helm.