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Trevor Bannister


Trevor Bannister was an original sign up through the late John Lennon of the Beatles. His compositions were published through the Beatles' Apple Corp. He also worked with Rolling Stones record producer Jimmy Miller.


As CEO of Focal Point Communications in Auckland, New Zealand, Bannister was also Creative Director managing radio stations, mainly for the growing Chinese community. He has also been a regular radio and multi-media show host on other stations. 

Film and Theatre

In 1976, Copi's dramatic version of Eve Peron was performed in London's West End. It was a great success on the alternative theatre circuit.  Trevor Bannister wrote and performed, live on stage, two compositions for that play.

The following year in 1977, the British entry to the Cannes Film Festival was Black Joy, which featured one of Trevor's compositions.

During the 1990's, Bannister produced a number of corporate videos, TV Commercials, and a documentary, while Creative Director of Focal Point Communications, in New Zealand.