The Trail of the Ark is not for the faint-hearted to embark upon. This on-going adventure requires an active and inquisitive mind and plenty of stamina to enhance the prospects of successfully advancing through the journey ahead.

It is more than a search for the missing Ark of the Covenant. There are many seemingly false trails, as some of the uprooted information along the way leads us along paths unknown. Yet, it is often the apparent dead-ends that reveals the most fascinating information. Accordingly, if you are someone who enjoys the journey as much as reaching the destination – this trail offers an exciting, educational, and satisfying experience. It uncovers information relating to the fate of the last king of Judah, from whom the Messiah is destined to appear before our world, as well as other equally important finds. We share the experience of current excavations seeking to throw light on a dynamic period of history associated with our trail. And ultimately, this trail offers intelligent clues, the potential to lead closer to finding the cherished lost Ark of the Covenant.