Trail Intelligence Cycle

The Trail Intelligence Cycle

MISSION BRIEF equates to the Intelligence Cycle’ Planning and Direction process. This is our starting point for each meaningful step forward. It will direct us to produce tasks we need to accomplish. The key objective is often to fill in Information Requirements, related to gaps in our knowledge.

COLLECTION TOOLS represents the Intelligence Cycle equivalent of Collection assets. We shall soon learn about the tools we use.

PROCESSING CATEGORIES corresponds to the Intelligence Cycle’ Processing and Exploitation functions. This is a vital component of our own Intelligence Cycle process, which we will soon learn about.

ANALYSIS differs little from an Intelligence Cycle’ Analysis and Production stage.

INTELLIGENCE DISTRIBUTION is similar to the Intelligence Cycle’ Dissemination and Integration.


CLUES are the bi-product of newly collected intelligence. Remembering that we also want to add an element of fun to the trail, clues will also be used to create an educational gaming component.

INFORMATION REQUIREMENTS directly corresponds to solving the clues. In turn, clues lead us to the next step forward on the trail – a new Mission Brief – with its associated intelligence cycle. Accordingly, we are continuously moving forward.

We are constantly feeding fresh information into this cycle to update our knowledge base to help us to fulfil our mission. You are always welcome to participate in this process. In fact, the challenge faced is so vast that it comes down to a shared venture to make it work. Anyone at anytime can knowingly or otherwise discover a significant clue. So what can be the vital missing component? Look no further than yourself!