Join us as we tackle a succession of intriguing clues. How can we piece together random pieces of information to enable a clearer picture to emerge? This is not one simple task, as we are prepared to constantly reevaluate our knowledge as new information becomes available. This is a dynamic process, one that is scientifically driven as much as circumstances allow. In essence, we are delving deep into ancient Biblical related text, and endeavoring to merge new found information based on high tech gathering processes, to enhance prospects of gaining strong intelligence. What will we do with this information? Well that is the true purpose of undertaking this trail in the first place. When asked why he wanted to scale the heights of the world's highest and most challenging mountain peak, its conquerer, Sir Edmund Hillary, simple replied, 'because it's there!' So too is this Trail of the Ark.

Foundation Stone



Temple Mount

Fallen Angels

Zedekiah’s Cave