The Trails’ Studious Quest

For the more serious aspects of this trail we share information that is still being processed by the Trail Intelligence Cycle.

To avoid sensationalism our preference is to get facts right before making public claims. Much of what we are learning remains too sensitive to openly reveal. However, we can share with Trail Explorers that it concerns the legend of a tunnel between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea vicinity.


The tunnel’s legend in connection with the lost Ark 

In the coming weeks ahead we intend sharing the sources associated with this legendary tunnel being connected with the lost Ark. To date, it appears to be more centred on unsubstantiated theories, rather than hard facts. But we remain committed to leaving no stone unturned, within reason. As there exists a strong element favouring this concept of a link between the tunnel and the Ark, it will be subject to diligent research efforts.

The tunnel’s legend in connection with the last king of Judah

The other popular aspect with this legendary tunnel concerns its association with the escape routs of King Zedekiah, the last known ruler of Judah. King Zedekiah’s Cave is a less visited tourist site on the northern side of the Old City of Jerusalem. An obvious question would be to discern how this large quarry gained its name? Once again, on going research includes the possibility of there being both a legendary tunnel heading east towards the Dead Sea, maybe from Zedekiah’s Cave, and the plausibility that this cave is indeed related to the king’s escape route.

A further option   

A third component has entered the equation in light of recent research. In essence, there is the distinct possibility that the king fled Jerusalem from another location. While this option is still in its infancy stages, there exists some compelling information to suggest that there could be more to this prospect than meets the eye. It might be several months before further information of a more substantial nature can be revealed.



The Judah Desert surrounding the western shores of the Dead Sea has a mass of caves. Many are the habitat of local wild life. However, some have been used to hide scrolls related to the Temple in Jerusalem. The Dead Sea Scrolls were found in such a nearby cave. Last year a close friend was associated with finding a new scroll in the same region. Together, we have spent many years investigating the possibility of one of these caves being a portal to that legendary tunnel.

There are still many purposeful on-going excavations in the region. One may point to yet another promising cave. It would be over simplistic to determine that such a discovery would automatically shed new light on the tunnel theory. Such an attitude could also be a mistake. The nature of archaeology as a science is to deal first and foremost in facts. However, with a more enlightened approach, one that doesn’t become only focused on realising just one goal, there could be some exciting discoveries ahead.

With these thoughts in mind, hopefully one can better appreciate why we utilise a Trail Intelligence Cycle in the first place. It is in order to sift through raw information and determine where it can be best compartmentalised. Just as a lone Bedouin shepherd was in search of his lost flock, and chanced upon the Dead Sea Scrolls, so exists the possibility to be looking for one lost object, only to discover something of far greater value. And this can work both ways.

In summary, verifying the existence of such a legendary tunnel, and its associated use, might in turn lead to greater knowledge of the lost Ark of the Covenant. It has already been determined that strong links exist between King Zedekiah and the prophet Jeremiah, particularly in connection with being prepared to safeguard the well being of Jerusalem, which included its precious Temple artefacts. In relation to that legendary tunnel, King Zedekiah has been associated with an underground portal in Jerusalem at one end, and sadly emerging into the hands of his Babylonian enemies close to the Dead Sea. Jeremiah has also been associated with underground portals at both ends.

There is a lot yet to be determined without jumping to prior conclusions. The Ark being hidden underground was more closely associated with Jeremiah.

This project can move forward on the basis of there being enough interest and documented accounts relating to this legendary tunnel. However, it is not becoming subject to making false assumptions in the process. The Trail of the Ark has other, perhaps even stronger, leads to follow.

Written by David Bannister