The Review

Following a mission brief, one gathers information using the Intelligence Cycle process. The information has been collected and stored in our own archives, for future needs. What next?

The Review is an optional step that can be taken depending upon how the collected intelligence fits into our ongoing needs. For example, the intelligence cycle might reveal something of little use. Rather than getting bogged down in following a process just for the sake of it, a review can simply be a mental note to ignore future information gathering missions in a similar vein. Remember, this intelligence cycle can also be used for your own personal needs when trying to process something you think could be of importance to us on the trail.

Let’s assume that important information was brought to light? The Review could trigger off the need for seeking further information, using the Intelligence Cycle. Once again, it’s called a cycle precisely for the reason that reviewing new information could necessitate a further mission, and using the new information as a means of defining what that new information gathering mission requires. At first, it might sound a little complicated, but after a few practical sessions of using the Intelligence Cycle, including reviewing its outcome, it all becomes so much clearer and easier to use.

At this stage, we are just introducing the concept behind some of the processes and tools we will later use on the trail in earnest. Ready to move on?