•  - Jeremiah

    The Hebrew prophet Jeremiah plays an essential role in the Trail Guardians saga. But in reality does he have anything to do with the Ark's disappearance? We'll leave that to be seen in future episodes and Trail of the Ark updates. But for now, as we explore the significance of Zedekiah's Cave, it would be folly not to introduce him. 

  •  - Nebuchadnezzar

    Just as we have introduced the prophet Jeremiah in connection with the current episode of Trail Guardians, which focuses on Zedekiah's Cave, so we present the master villain of the day. Nebuchadnezzar brought the last king of Judah to his knees as the Temple of Solomon was destroyed and the king's citizens slain, or taken captive.   

  •  - Zedekiah

    As the last remaining ruler of the doomed kingdom of Judah, King Zedekiah presents a dramatic portrayal of absolute loss. We will learn more about this last scion of King David as we get closer to the appropriate timeline. But for now, the man who gives the name to Zedekiah's Cave warrants an early introduction.