David Lev Consultant Producer


David Lev

Diplomatic Peace

David Lev has gained an impressive track record within the diplomatic field of enhancing security prospects for the Middle East region. David produced ‘Special Diplomatic’editions for several Asian, European, and African countries. They were aimed at creating a better insight into the friendly disposition of regional players, within the volatile Middle East. In particular, it helped to establish better relations for a wide international audience, at the public level of media communications. These editions were featured in the Jerusalem Post.


This success was followed upon just a few years later through David heading a delegation associated with terror related problems, to a select committee of parliamentarians at the British House of Commons. The presentation, which had included input from the Israeli Prime Minister’s office and leading British consultants, was warmly received by those politicians, a member of the House of Lords, the British Ambassador, as well as leading British personalities. It helped to determine a course of British policy towards its treatment of fringe political organizations that were promoting terrorism, while also helping to gain a clearer picture about other participants that could be encouraged to adopt more acceptable peaceful representation towards discussing sensitive issues.

Middle East Adventures

David has explored the Valley of the Kings, the Dead Sea vicinity related to Biblical Archaeology, as well as just about every major historical site in Israel.

His adventures have also taken him into the depths of the earth, exploring through tunnel systems while trying to ascertain their historical significance. As a licensed Israeli tour guide, David has admirable knowledge of the region and is a wealth of information.  

David is the screenwriter and co-producer of 'Trail of the Ark' as part of his new Biblical Archaeological book series. He is also radio show host of 'Down to Earth' on Israel National News, which has an estimated 3 million monthly worldwide visitors.