Dani sighting reported

David laboured without break to develop a new ground breaking system for Discoverer’s Trail. However, when it came to sharing this information with the ever elusive Dani Rakoff, David thought he had hit the jackpot, he actually received a call from Dani!


However, it was too good be to be true, as impending disaster struck. Just seconds into the call, David got a message that required a quick response. Dani agreed that they would pick up their important call seconds later – but it wasn’t to be! Dani disappeared off the grid yet again.

All seemed lost until David got a What’s up from Dani. Maybe this was about their vital project, but once again hope dimmed. The message contained a link to an interesting story. but nothing about continuing the project.

So dear friends, it looks like Dani Rakoff has disappeared once again, leaving a puzzled public on the look out for any new sightings. Do you know where he is?