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You are now a Trail Pass holder and entitled to many benefits with your free membership level. As you progress along any Discoverer’s Trail, the need for background information and skills needed to move confidently forward, will become more apparent. While it is possible just to enjoy the adventure as a causal observer, it will become more meaningful with a better understanding of what the trail is about. Remember, there is a real time expedition on this journey. Researchers are uncovering vital information, archeologists discovering remarkable finds – often based on where researchers recommend to start looking. 

The opportunities to get involved in a more active capacity are numerous. However, it all begins with sharpening your knowledge base relevant to the trail goal. We have therefore put together a series of learning courses to help you achieve these goals. Please take the time to carefully go through each course component before going to the next one. We’ve made it game-like to increase the learning experience – and well – honestly to make it more fun and enjoyable! 


Trail Guide

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