1. Consequential Islamic Find

    Consequential Islamic Find

    Excavations On Hold During Intense Heat The intense summer heat has led to a slowdown on many archaeological excavations, particularly those in exposed areas. Accordingly, Trail of the Ark has made a switch towards more quiet research methods until the weather becomes more suitable for pursuing the results of more...

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  2. A monumental court ruling

    A monumental court ruling

    An archaeological site north of Jerusalem has sparked off a series of events that has now culminated in a monumental and controversial legal ruling. It also has the potential for far greater opportunities for Expedition lostArk 2020, although it also presents challenges regarding the sharing of information. An Historic Site...

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  3. Ancient Text Discovered

    Ancient Text Discovered

    Ancient Hebrew text has been discovered in Jerusalem. Its uniqueness is due to its remarkable similarity with modern Hebrew script font. Trail of the Ark is dependent on ancient Hebrew text when it comes to analysing latest information. In due time this find could well lead to further significant updates.

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