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Slide 1: Chinese tourists are flocking to Israel in their thousands, however there is a shortage of sites catering for their linguistic and cultural needs. Bet Guvrin could provide a media presentation with Mandarin and Cantonese audio options. The Chinese also enjoy shopping opportunities that could also be provided on site, tailor made for their specific interests.

Slide 2: Many Asian visitors are pro-Israel, based on particular Evangelical beliefs. Historical sites can be of marginal interest provided it also caters for their other social needs, including shopping for bargains. However, there is a desire to want to include what is perceived to be sites related with the biblical narrative. Accordingly, Bet Guvrin’s association with particular biblical oriented periods needs to be stressed.

Slide 3: Younger children’s’ activities are poorly catered for in Israel, and sites that can effectively hold their interest could be better placed for mutual gain. It might be worth exploring additional activities for kids of ‘all’ ages, maybe even a small petting zoo? Important to note that seniors are often also neglected.

Slide 4: Children participating in an inexpensive scavenger hunt.

Slide 5: Escape rooms are very popular and inexpensive to set up. Bet Guvrin is famous for its ‘fugitive’ style image, having been a refuge for numerous people ‘on the run’. Setting up a theme activity could broaden both educational and entertaining components for visitors of all ages.

Slide 6: A waxwork type display. Based on the Mishnaic village in the Golan, having a few modelled presentations of those going about their lives in ancient Bet Guvrin might prove an attraction. It could include a static presentation on how the settlers dug through the cave walls.

Slide 7: Safari tents could prove an inexpensive and practical solution for housing restrooms, an escape room, a classroom, activity spaces, media presentations, etc. This semi-mobile housing option might be able to pass challenging regulations about erecting structures in the national park. It could be justified as providing simple facilities associated with on-going site excavation, with related educational components. Such structures could also provide a comfortable all year round space (it can be heated in winter) for the elderly, handicapped, and others unable to participate with family or friends in other site activities. Accordingly the ‘entertaining’ components inside the tents would be desirable.

Slide 8: Bet Guvrin finds have included reference to the Book of Maccabees, proving its extra-biblical credibility. By association, this book includes the story of Jeremiah the prophet hiding the Ark of the Covenant. Could other discoveries be made in Bet Guvrin that could shed further light on such intriguing biblical mysteries?

Slide 9: Tour Course classes could be included inside a safari tent, which would probably be mainly used as part of the general existing presentation extended to site visitors.

Slide 10: The dig activity associated with pre-tour educational programs related to biblical mysteries, could take on an entirely new and exciting dimension.