1. Trail Intelligence Cycle

    Trail Intelligence Cycle

    The Trail Intelligence Cycle MISSION BRIEF equates to the Intelligence Cycle’ Planning and Direction process. This is our starting point for each meaningful step forward. It will direct us to produce tasks we need to accomplish. The key objective is often to fill in Information Requirements, related to gaps in our...

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  2. Intelligence Cycle Overview

    Intelligence Cycle Overview

    The trail is subject to maintaining an efficient content management system enabling us to get a clear picture of where we should be heading. This system is based on a military intelligence process – an Intelligence Cycle. CONVENTIONAL MILITARY INTELLIGENCE CYCLE The starting point is conventionally linked to a commanders’...

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  3. Why need a pre-trail assembly area

    Why need a pre-trail assembly area

    Why need a Pre-Trail Assembly Area? There is a clear objective at this virtual Assembly Area. We need to grasp the way our trail will proceed. It includes presenting content in an educational course format. But as you will soon discover, this will only serve to enhance the exciting experience...

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