1. The Review

    The Review

    Following a mission brief, one gathers information using the Intelligence Cycle process. The information has been collected and stored in our own archives, for future needs. What next? The Review is an optional step that can be taken depending upon how the collected intelligence fits into our ongoing needs. For...

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  2. The Mission

    The Mission

    Gathering raw information to turn into good intelligence can be undertaken in two main ways on Trail of the Ark. 1. Mission Oriented Mission oriented intelligence requirements form a fundamental part for not only military needs, but in a highly competitive business world, for industry in general. An army combat...

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  3. Trail Intelligence Cycle

    Trail Intelligence Cycle

    The Trail Intelligence Cycle MISSION BRIEF equates to the Intelligence Cycle’ Planning and Direction process. This is our starting point for each meaningful step forward. It will direct us to produce tasks we need to accomplish. The key objective is often to fill in Information Requirements, related to gaps in our...

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  4. Intelligence Cycle Overview

    Intelligence Cycle Overview

    The trail is subject to maintaining an efficient content management system enabling us to get a clear picture of where we should be heading. This system is based on a military intelligence process – an Intelligence Cycle. CONVENTIONAL MILITARY INTELLIGENCE CYCLE The starting point is conventionally linked to a commanders’...

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