1. Virtual Expo

    Virtual Expo

    Hi Ericlie 81 I do not want to deny Fiverr their business but it will be impossible to communicate properly unless we can talk sometime. Fivver does not allow me to leave any contact details. But now you have it below:  davilan@gmail.com Please note that I will remove this post...

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  2. Dani sighting reported

    Dani sighting reported

    David laboured without break to develop a new ground breaking system for Discoverer’s Trail. However, when it came to sharing this information with the ever elusive Dani Rakoff, David thought he had hit the jackpot, he actually received a call from Dani! HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN? However, it was...

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  3. Consequential Islamic Find

    Consequential Islamic Find

    Excavations On Hold During Intense Heat The intense summer heat has led to a slowdown on many archaeological excavations, particularly those in exposed areas. Accordingly, Trail of the Ark has made a switch towards more quiet research methods until the weather becomes more suitable for pursuing the results of more...

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  4. A monumental court ruling

    A monumental court ruling

    An archaeological site north of Jerusalem has sparked off a series of events that has now culminated in a monumental and controversial legal ruling. It also has the potential for far greater opportunities for Expedition lostArk 2020, although it also presents challenges regarding the sharing of information. An Historic Site...

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  5. Was the Ark kept north of Jerusalem

    Was the Ark kept north of Jerusalem

    Trail of the Ark investigates a dark period of Israel’s history, during the time of the devastating civil war between the north and southern kingdoms of Israel. In particular, focus is placed on the Ark’s whereabouts during and following that war. To help you better understand this episode of the...

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  6. Significant Finds

    Significant Finds

    The substantial recent findings of ancient seals near the City of David in Jerusalem, sheds further light on the time period close to when the Ark of the Covenant last received any prominent mention in Holy Scripture. Jerusalem site where First Temple seals found March 2019 Photo Credit: Daniel Ventura...

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  7. Project X Ray Video

    Project X Ray Video

    Team Credits Bob Williams, Special Effects: The Great Wall. Bob is known for his work on The Great Wall (2016), The Terminator (1994) and Pirates of the Caribbean (2007) Dan Gordon, Writer: Wyatt Earp. Dan is known for his work on Wyatt Earp (1994), The Hurricane (1999) and Passenger 57 (1992)...

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  8. Bet Guvrin Activities

    Bet Guvrin Activities

    Select slider buttons below slides to activate presentation and refer to following slide notes. Slide 1: Chinese tourists are flocking to Israel in their thousands, however there is a shortage of sites catering for their linguistic and cultural needs. Bet Guvrin could provide a media presentation with Mandarin and Cantonese...

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  9. Tour Leader Course

    Tour Leader Course

    Become A Trail Tour Leader Recent laws concerning guiding groups in Israel have recently been relaxed. Now it’s possible to become a Trail Group Leader with attractive benefits, including free travel. The Trail Course Curriculum This unique learning program covers a diverse range of subjects that places the successful student...

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