The following program is an outline for a potential partnership project:

Trail of the Ark

1. Discoverer’s Trail is a website dedicated to exploring biblical mysteries. It is presently non operational.

2. Trail of the Ark is the Discoverer’s Trail flagship and its sole current project. It is exclusively focused on discovering the fate of the lost Ark of the Covenant. The trail provides an educational adventure that merges entertainment with an academic quest to find answers to this mystery.

3. Expedition lostArk 2020 (Ela 2020) is a scientifically oriented program aimed at undertaking research and excavations in the quest to find answers to the fate of the lost Ark. While managed in conjunction with Trail of the Ark, it is being kept separate to enhance prospects of becoming a non for profit and find greater appeal with qualified experts needed for the expedition.

To date, the Trail of the Ark is enjoying much interest from a predominantly right wing Jewish and Christian audience, mainly due to Israel National News constant promotion of the sites’ content. As a side note, it is planned to reach a broader less politically inspired audience, and international media contacts have been approached for that purpose. Well placed media executives includes close contacts. The trade off for media publishers will be them receiving dynamic content, in exchange for promotional coverage aimed at building the trail marketing list.

David Bannister

The projects’ CEO, David Bannister, is a licensed tour guide through Archaeological Seminars, with an extensive background in international marketing and media production. David negotiated an agreement between the CEO of Israel Antiquities Authority and a Hollywood based team of movie production talent to enable sponsorship of sensitive Israeli excavation sites in exchange for movie production rights. This is currently subject to an on-going funding process. David has also harnessed confirmed interest from relevant academic talent associated with project aims, which can add needed credibility to the program at the appropriate time.

Ark Tours and Trail Course

Ark  Tours (working title) is a key monetisation component of Trail of the Ark. It is planned to launch a specific tour focused on biblical mysteries in the Holy Land, with the lost Ark being its initial project. The tour will be split into various packages to optimise its potential. For example, there will be a short tour program focused on the trail of the ark that can be offered as an add on for other larger tours. Based on David’s international marketing experience of promoting boutique Holy Land tours to diverse religious groups, pre-dominantly Evangelists, it is considered worth investigating such a program for the Ark Tour. This conception is firmly based on the wide spread interest associated with biblical mysteries extant in that market segment.

Tour Course is a dual purpose program aimed to compliment Ark Tours. This is essentially an educational component initially aimed at potential tour leaders of religious groups. The idea is to offer a course that can be free in exchange for bringing a minimum number of participants on the Ark Tour. Trail of the Ark, together with its media partners, will provide supporting promotional content for Ark Tours, and its Tour Course.

Authentic Israel

A critical limiting factor for the above Trail Tour program to work as visualised, is financial and human resources. Authentic Israel is considered an ideal partner in this venture, which could bring significant gains to all parties. Authentic Israel has 3 main components that appear to be a potential match.

  1. Archaeological Seminars has a proven track record undertaking educational programs connected with the wider biblical picture in Israel.

  2. Bet Guvrin as an excavation site managed by Archaeological Seminars has a direct link with the lost Ark narrative. Additionally, its dig program provides a highly attractive activity that aligns with the Trail of the Ark project. Based on previous first hand experience bringing many visitors to Bet Guvrin, there are a few reservations about this site that might be discussed. In general, it is perceived that Bet Guvrin has an opportunity for far greater potential under its new management structure, also open for discussion.

  3. Authentic Israel is an accredited tour operator, which has an excellent track record of success and the magnetism to attract the wide audience targeted by Trail Tours. It is anticipated that its Bet Guvrin operations that caters for a diverse global inbound market, might present a workable solution in association with marketing to a wider segment than Authentic Israel’s seemingly key and successful focus on a predominantly Jewish market?


Trail of the Ark provides a growing base for an international market interested in biblical mysteries, with a focus on the lost Ark. To date, a credible network has been established that can greatly serve to enhance the trail project. One key monetisation component would be providing an educational adventure tour.

Authentic Israel appears well placed to be a prominent partner in this project. Accordingly, it is proposed to explore a common denominator that could be of mutual benefit for both parties. For Authentic Israel a major benefit could be broadening its tour operations to include a potentially profitable non Jewish market. By aligning such proposed tours through a third party (Ark Tours) this could be achieved without undermining the core Jewish component of Authentic Israel. Bet Guvrin is also seen as playing an essential role in any expansion activity to include a wider diverse market.

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  1. Exclusive Project X Ray Video: The reason for this content is to establish David Bannister’s role in the creation of a prominent network associated with the aims of Trail of the Ark. Select Here

  2. Trail of the Ark: A brief overview of the trail website and its expedition potential is provided. Select Here

  3. Trail Tour: This section is only a private glimpse of a work in progress. It is not yet published on the website. Select Here

  4. Trail Course: This page provides an example of an existing free educational course available for subscribers to Trail of the Ark. It is proposed to create a more professional educational course associated with the aims outlined above for the Trail Tour. Select Here

  5. Bet Guvrin: This mainly mock-up presentation is designed to share a few suggestions that might help to improve the visitor experience to the site. This was motivated following numerous personal visits with the very old and young unable to participate with other family members in site activities, and having no viable comfortable or entertaining alternative solutions rather than wait in a tour bus. Additionally, it was developed with the thought in mind of optimising what’s regarded as a potential treasure mine. Select Here