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Trail of the Ark has key talent involved at every major stage of the expedition


The first stage of the expedition involves much preparation in terms of general logistics, budget planning, personnel, etc. In relation to the excavation stage, prior research is an essential process. This is an evolving task subject to constant revision at every stage. Research heavily depends upon the Trail Intelligence Cycle to properly function. 

Research can uncover raw information that may or may not be helpful in the decision process related to the excavation stage. Presuming the raw information gathered from diligent research is successfully analysed, the resultant intelligence is used for excavation purposes. Research is constantly being updated following excavation results.

Yisrael Medad MA

Director Educational Resources

Ora Shalev BSc.

Project Research Consultant

Joshua Jacobovits MA

Religious Studies Consultant


Excavations represent the critical stage of the expedition. While there is no real set model to follow, our research aims for getting sound intelligence helping to find the best area to excavate. Non-evasive techniques (meaning nothing is actually penetrated) are then often used to help better determine precisely where to dig, what methods to use, etc.

This stage has to be meticulously planned and executed as one doesn’t get a second chance to remove a layer of earth and expect everything below to remain intact. That is why one often uses non-evasive methods first, to gain something of an x-ray impression as to where to then surgically execute the invasive excavation.  

Dr. Avner Goren

Chief Regional Archaeologist

Dr. Aaron Judkins

Biblical Archaeological Specialist

David Scott

Archaeological Project Manager


It is common practise to publish findings of authorised excavations. Usually the bulk of discoveries never see the light of day and are archived for future posterity. Information about the type of find and the layer it was made in, can provide an essential record for later generations wishing to continue the process of exploring one’s past. 

Sensational discoveries are often made, and the general public needs to be informed about that. It is then a question of ethics as to how the publisher presents the finds. We have our own code of integrity. It is our plan to record much of the research and excavation stages for later release as a documentary movie series.  

Bob Williams

Hollywood SFX Guru

Dan Gordon

Movie Screen Writer

Richard Shaw

Documentary Movie Producer



Trail of the Ark has already attracted a diverse team of successful specialists in their respective fields. And the list is growing! Let’s look at just some of the credits attached to their individual achievements.


Research: DNA tests were performed on elongated skulls found in Peru. In an international presentation the results were announced to a stunned audience. Many of the skulls were found to have features unknown to human biological records. Furthermore, many were traced to Middle Eastern origins, suggesting an association with a skeletal system that supported a gigantic sized being. Naturally, our thoughts turned towards biblical accounts of giants in the Holy Land. That is one part of our expedition to greatly look forward to! Continuous research is being undertaken in this specific field. Caution is being taken to guard against any preconceived ideas prejudicing these further studies.

Excavations: Systematic exploration is being undertaken in the Dead Sea area to check every possible unexplored cave. To date this has paid off. One team, which we are indirectly associated with, found proof of further Dead Sea Scrolls existing in this region. Our own team members have a glowing track record in uncovering countless discoveries. The New York Times once described how Dr. Avner Goren came across ancient signs in Sinai, which is just one of the many discoveries attributed to him. David Bannister and David Scott, both qualified for deep diving instructional teams, spent many years exploring another depth, cave systems around Jerusalem. Exciting new leads have been discovered.

Media: Hollywood has been buzzing with news of a small dedicated team of talented movie production specialists intent on making a movie documentary series related to biblical mysteries. Even great names like Harrison Ford and Stephen Spielberg have been in the know about this intended project! This project is headed up by Richard Shaw, and utilises the talents of veteran Hollywood specialists Dan Gordon, Bob Williams, to name just a few. It is with great pleasure that we welcome this team on board the trail, even though they will hack their own unique path along the way. More will be revealed as the plot thickens so ‘Keep on the Trail!